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Why Maintenance Matters

In the digital world, your website is your business's heartbeat. At Sitelab Digital, we understand that ongoing maintenance and support are crucial for keeping your website at peak performance. Our WordPress Website Maintenance and Support services are designed to ensure your site remains secure, up-to-date, and consistently delivering the best experience to your visitors.

Our Comprehensive Maintenance Services

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Secure Backups & Rapid Restoration

Your website's data is invaluable. We provide robust backup solutions, ensuring every piece of your digital asset is securely stored and can be swiftly restored, keeping you prepared for any scenario.

Up-to-Date WordPress Environment

Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology. We meticulously manage updates for your WordPress core, themes, and plugins, enhancing your website's functionality and ensuring seamless compatibility.

Advanced Security & Malware Defense

Our vigilant security monitoring shields your website against digital threats. We conduct regular security scans, detect and eliminate malware, and reinforce your site's defenses to keep it safe and secure.

Constant Uptime Monitoring

We ensure your website is always open for business. Our dedicated uptime monitoring detects any disruptions, enabling us to act swiftly to keep your site running smoothly around the clock.

Dynamic Content Management

Keep your website vibrant and current. Whether it's updating text, adding new images, or refreshing layouts, our team is on hand to help you keep your content engaging and up-to-date.

Prompt Emergency Support

When urgent issues arise, count on us for immediate assistance. Our Emergency Support team is geared to provide rapid solutions, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum operational continuity.

WP Care Plans

From small sites to large platforms, find a WordPress Care Plan tailored to your website's needs
Essential Care
$ 49 99
Perfect for Small Websites
  • Monthly WordPress Core Updates
  • Monthly WordPress Plugin/Theme Updates
  • Bi-weekly Backups
  • Audit Logging
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Support via Email
  • Website Edits - 30 Minutes
  • Security & Malware Protection
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Site Restore
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Fast Hosting Servers
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Total Care
$ 199 99
Best for Large Websites

+ Includes: All Services from Essential Care & Proactive Maintenance, Plus:
  • Weekly WordPress Core Updates
  • Weekly WordPress Plugin/Theme Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Priority Support
  • Website Edits - 3 Hours
  • Premium Cloudflare Integration
  • Enhanced CDN Integration
  • woocommerce intergration management
  • Speed audit and optimisaation
  • High-end cloud servers
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Our Client Commitment

Your website is the face of your business, and we are committed to keeping it at its best. With Sitelab Digital, you get peace of mind knowing your website is in expert hands. We're not just service providers; we're your digital partners, dedicated to your website's ongoing success.
Beyond the routine checks and updates, we invest in understanding your evolving business needs and market trends. This proactive approach ensures that your website not only maintains its current excellence but also adapts and grows in alignment with your business objectives. With Sitelab Digital, you're assured of a partnership that values your website's relevance and longevity as much as you do.

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